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2016 so far.

The month of February was a busy one to say the least. I found myself across the pond in Seattle speaking with the Microsoft team about a number of exciting opportunities and then over to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and most recently, I made a visit to speak at LSE here in London.

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A Big Data Arms Race

There is no escaping it: ‘[w]e are living in the data age’ (House of Commons, 2016, p. 3) and the report goes on to state that global data is predicted to grow at 40% every year over the next decade, effectively doubling every other year.

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Improving Automated Citations with Machine Learning

One of our main goals at RefME is ‘Automated, accurate citations’[1]. Ideally, a good citation tool should allow you to enter any website address or identifier and generate a correct citation quickly. We want to enable you – the student, the researcher, the librarian – to be able to create citations from any source as you read and write, in the style of your choice, without interrupting your workflow.

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