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RefME is an award-winning cross-platform reference management tool. Our mission is to solve the pain of citations suffered by half a billion people each year and connect the world’s knowledge by providing students, educators and researchers with a free, intuitive and accurate citation tool.

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RefME is Delighted to Announce its first RefME Institute Partners

Dedicated to improving the student learning experience, three prominent UK-based higher education institutions have signed up to RefME Institute. Launched in May, the premium institutional edition of the research and referencing tool is now available to whole university communities. RefME welcomes Edge Hill University, Sheffield Hallam University and University for the Creative Arts as the first RefME Institute members.

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CEO and Co-founder Tom Hatton Wins 2016 WCIT Young Entrepreneur Award

Known as the the Oscars for Tech Entrepreneurs, the WCIT Awards took place on 30th June in London where Tom Hatton, CEO and co-founder of RefME was awarded with the Young Entrepreneur Award. Tom was recognised for being an inspiring entrepreneur and leading a growing business within the UK and globally.

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RefME Wins Honoree Webby Award

US-based Webby Awards recognises the best of the Internet annually, and this year RefME received an honoree award in the Web Services & Applications category. Nominated for their leading app and user-friendly web platform, RefME is thrilled to receive the nod.

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RefME in the Press

Research Tool RefME Launches Premium Features to Make Citations Less Painful

CEO, Tom Hatton explains the main focus on RefME Plus and RefME Institute is to "offer additional functionality outside of the ability to create a citation."

Education enhanced with RefME Institute

Libraries adopt new digital tools such as RefME Institute to support student experience and improve research and writing journeys.

RefME wants to help half a billion frustrated students with Google-sized ambitions

Co-founder, Ian Forshew tells The Memo about RefME Institute and how RefME can connect the world, and help students and universities alike.

Using Technology For Good: RefME for Word Helps Students Succeed

In collaboration with Microsoft, the launch of RefME for Word helps students all over the world improve their writing and research journey.

Half of UK university students are losing marks for not referencing correctly, survey finds

Citation tool RefME polled just under 2,900 of the country’s students and found referencing is “a fundamental exercise” in academia and success at university.

Best Back-to-School Tech Tools

RefME features in Kate Russell's roundup of most useful technology for students for the BBC’s flagship Technology programme

Referencing headaches? There’s an app for that

In just under a year, RefME, a UK-built online tool that takes the sweat out of citations, has attracted almost a million users

The 12 must-have free smartphone apps for new and returning students starting university in September 2015

Referencing is a boring and tiresome chore. After spending hours on an essay and having the relief of completion, it’s the worst feeling ever to suddenly realise you’ve got to reference, which can take hours.

The 20 Edtech Startups Changing Education in Europe

The EdTech 20 recognizes education technology companies which have shown the most significant innovation and growth over the last year

DigiSchool, Kahoot! and RefME Announced As Winners of 2015 EdTech 20

RefME CEO Tom Hatton stated: “As a community of startup companies, we truly have the chance to change the world for good. The edTech space is so exciting for so many reasons and I was frankly honoured to accept the award on behalf of RefME.”

Edtech Tool RefME Bags $5M To Take The Tedium Out Of Referencing

“RefME has huge potential to disrupt education, publishing and ultimately search as well,” adds Sunny Varkey, group chairman and founder of GEMS Education and Founder of Varkey Foundation, in a statement. “RefME learns what students and researchers all around the world discover and has the power to share this information. RefME has built a tool that helps validate information and ultimately shows where you’ve found knowledge. This is as important to education as it is to the web itself, and that is very compelling!”

This App Wipes Out the Most Miserable Part of Writing a Term Paper

Grab a book, scan the bar code, and watch a completed reference materialize on your phone. If the book doesn't have a bar code, put in the ISBN number, title, or author and RefMe will offer you 7,000 style options for citing that bad boy. This will feel exhilarating at first and then almost immediately horrifying, as you remember you spent time on this in high school, too.

Q&A With Tom Hatton, Co-Founder of RefME

We’ve spent the last year working with students, educators and librarians, understanding what it is that they don’t like or trust about existing tools. We ended up building an app that scans book or journal barcodes that syncs with the web platform and makes everything citable, in over 7,500 styles in a click.

The best apps for student life

RefME (iPhone and Android) certainly takes the sweat out of one of the most painstaking and tedious parts of student life – referencing books and publications, and The Student Room users rave about it. At the press of a button, students can scan a book’s barcode or enter the URL of an article to generate a citation, which it then saves and syncs in the Cloud – allowing students to create, edit and manage pieces of work across different devices. “A life-saver,” is how one user describes the app.