My Solution_Blog copyWhat is #MySolution?

#MySolution is a social media campaign that aims to start positive conversations around personal, community and global issues by shifting the focus from problems to solutions.

Using social media as a public forum for the discussion, we invite everyone to start their own positive and constructive conversations about the biggest concerns they have for themselves, their communities, for humanity and for the planet.

Take Part

To contribute solutions to the concerns closest to your heart, simply create and share your own version of the #MySolution video and post to your preferred social media with the hashtag: #MySolution. Feel free to check out the Official Campaign Twitter for inspiration.


RefME is a startup born of Tom Hatton’s search for a solution to his struggles with referencing and citations at university. As a dyslexic student, Tom found it very difficult to format his citations, and there were no solutions available that could easily and accurately do it for him.

Instead of surrendering, Tom saw this as an opportunity to take action and found a solution that not only solved his own problem but continues to solve the referencing problems of over a million students worldwide: RefME.

Viewing problems as opportunities allows us to collaborate and innovate, putting the power to improve our individual realities, and the world, into our own hands.

Through #MySolution, people are encouraged to share, discuss and think collaboratively in a way that shifts the focus from the problem to the solution. Whether that problem relates to something global like environmental concerns, or something as personal as struggling to format and bibliography.

How to make your own #MySolution video

The videos are easy to replicate and can be used to demonstrate a potential solution to any problem, using just paper, a napkin/tissue, a marker pen and a glass of water.

To take part simply:


A selection of #MySolution videos will be shared from the Official Campaign Twitter: @RefME.



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