Set default style

As you may be aware, RefME supports a huge number of styles in our platform, we have made it very easy for you to load the cite widget in your preferred referencing style. To do so, you must first choose which style you would prefer from the following list of our most used styles:

Referencing Style Style ID
AMA (American Medical Association) refme-ama
APA (American Psychological Association 6th edition) refme-apa
ASA (American Sociological Association) refme-asa
Bluebook refme-bluebook
Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style) refme-chicago
Harvard (9th Edition) refme-harvard
MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association 3rd edition) refme-mhra
MLA (Modern Language Association 7th edition) refme-mla
American Chemical Society american-chemical-society
IEEE ieee
Nature nature
OSCOLA oscola
Vancouver vancouver

Please note what we refer to as the Style ID. This will be important when you come to integrate the style in the widget.

How to insert widget with chosen style

As with our auto cite widget, you first have to locate where you wish the cite widget to appear. Then insert the below code:

<div id="refme-cite"></div>
<script async src=""></script>

Now we need to initialise the widget with your chosen style. The following script must be put below where you have inserted the above script.

window.addEventListener('load', function () {
        style: 'refme-harvard'

Ensure that you have changed ‘refme-harvard’ in the above script with your chosen Style ID.