Send ISBN or DOI

Our technology can get a lot of information from a simple ISBN or DOI, we would always recommend you send us as much information as possible if it is readily available. However, if you only have the ISBN or DOI available, our widget will allow you to send us that data. We will then behind the scenes retrieve as much information we have about that identifier to create an accurate citation.

How to send ISBN or DOI to the widget

As with our auto cite widget, you first have to locate where you wish the cite widget to appear. Then insert the below code:

<div id="refme-cite"></div>
<script async src=""></script>
    document.onload = function () { 
             element: '#refme-cite',
             data: {lookup: '00000000000'} // Replace 0's with your DOI or ISBN

Remember to make sure you have replaced the 0’s found in the lookup attribute with your DOI or ISBN.