Getting Started

As with our auto cite widget, you first have to locate where you wish the cite widget to appear. Then insert the below code:

<div id="refme-cite"></div>
<script async src=""></script>

Now that this has been inserted we need to initialise the cite widget, on initialisation is where you will send us what custom data you have. If you only have the DOI or ISBN information, please click here. If you have more meta information you can send, please keep reading.

Initialisation code to insert:

This code must be inserted below wherever you included the above script.

window.addEventListener('load', function () {
        element: '#refme-cite', 
        config: {style: 'refme-apa'}, 
        data: [{
            id: '123456789', // any unique id - ISBNs would be suitable.
            title: 'A Book',
            type: 'book',
            author: [{
                given: 'Example',
                family: 'Author'
            issued: {year: 3000},
            publisher: 'you!'

As before, you can pass your prefered style to initialise the cite widget. Make sure you replace ‘refme-apa’ with your preferred style which can be found here.

The data attribute accepts an array of reference objects, however in our example above we have kept it simple to show the basic information we expect to receive to create an accurate citation. We will now go into more detail on what the data object can accept:

The data object