RefME Widget

Getting started

The simplest way to integrate with the RefME widget is to use it’s auto cite functionality. All this requires is for you to insert a simple bit of code on to your website where you wish the widget to appear. Behind the scenes we will then try to extract page content and meta information to create a citation preview.

N.B. If your users have to log in to see the page, we will need you to give us a little more information, please click here if that is the case.


How to insert:

Choose where in your website you wish to load the widget, then insert the below code:

<div id="refme-auto-cite"></div>
<script async src=""></script>

NOTES: You can place the div element anywhere on the page you like, but it must have the id refme-auto-cite. Any content inside the element will be replaced when the script initialises. The script tag can be placed at the end of the body if you wish to prioritise the loading of your site scripts first.