For Developers

RefME is a platform that allows users to create fully formatted citations in over 7,500 referencing styles. Join our Widget and API community to help make referencing easy for users all around the world.

Cite Button Widget and SDK

RefME provides a JavaScript widget that you can include on your pages to provide referencing capabilities to your users. When included, you can provide a button that will fully automate referencing of your pages, or you can take control and make sure your users get the best experience by providing custom meta-data. For the user, it works much like a Twitter or Facebook “like” button – they will see a button, placed where you want, which allows them to cite the current content in the style of their choosing, or to save it to one of their existing projects.

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The RefME API allows you to integrate with our applications to authenticate with the users profile, create projects or references, etc. This means as a developer you have the ability to create highly integrated referencing systems into your own product.

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