How to Build Your Own Mobile Usability Kit

Here at RefME we love our users almost as much as we love citations. As the company’s User Researcher, my job is to better understand how students use our services to create, manage and export bibliographies for their assignments, trying to capture which part of the experience works well for them and which aspects can […]

Usability Lab on a Budget for Start-ups

  When I first joined RefME as a user researcher, one of my first challenges was to set up our in-house usability lab from scratch. Offering a great user experience to our users has always been one of RefME’s top priorities, and conducting usability testing sessions to understand how our product is used, has been […]

Your Last Minute Referencing Woes Sorted

Summer is fast-approaching, but there’s one final hurdle to jump before those three months of freedom. Up until now your biggest worries have probably been arguing with your housemates over washing-up, making your student loan stretch for a whole term, or wondering whose Netflix account you can hijack next. Now deadlines and exams have crept […]

Tips for Young Designers & Developers

Mike Tempest, our Lead Front End Developer here at RefME, shares his tips for young devs and designers. I wanted to share a few pointers that I wish someone could have told me when I first started out in design and development. I am by no means saying that these are definitive, nor do you […]

The CRAAP Test: An Easy & Fun Way to Evaluate Research Sources

Kendra Perkins is the Coordinator for the Shanghai Librarian Network, the International Librarian Network Ambassador for China and Head Librarian at YK Pao Secondary School in China. For more inspiration, check out her blog.   What is the CRAAP Test & How can I use it? It’s common knowledge that that the Internet can be […]