Our #1 Most Requested Feature Has Arrived: Introducing Folders

You asked and we listened, Folders for additional organisational functionality is now available with RefME Plus. Folders will be available on web and iOS (coming soon for Android!). Our most requested feature of 2016 was to improve the ways in which you could manage projects in RefME. So, it’s extremely exciting that today, we’re able to introduce our newest feature, Folders.
Thanks to all your feedback (much appreciated, btw!), we realised quickly that as our users added more and more projects, their work became harder to organise within RefME. So we’ve listened and we’ve provided more ways for you to organise your projects to better reflect the projects related to different subjects you’re working on at any given time. We know that in a single semester students can generate more than 20 projects which all require their own reference list and group of sources. Folders will help sort your sources and provide a ‘hierarchy of organisation’ (as one of our trusted users so delicately mentioned).

Previously, there was no functionality to re-order projects, they were displayed with the most recently created projects at the top. Now, RefME Plus users can drag and drop, re-order and group projects into folders simply by dragging one on top of the other.

The introduction of our Folders feature will further help students, researchers and educators to keep organised by grouping projects and work by various modules, course codes, by subject or perhaps by grouping projects into different semesters. As your reference lists grow so do your projects, so the folder functionality will become crucial to track those important projects and enable you to easily refer and find the work you need. Find out How To Use Folders on our support page. 

Not only are we helping you generate accurate citations, now, we’re ensuring you keep organised : )

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