How to Create a Bibliography Without Leaving your Word Document

After an incredible reaction to the launch of RefME Plus and RefME Institute last week (read more here!), we wanted to take a moment to highlight how RefME for Word can help create your bibliography.

Whether you’re a student, educator or researcher, when you reference sources with RefME there’s a good chance you’ll go on to add those references into a Microsoft Word document. So it was a no-brainer for us to build a solution that would let you instantly and seamlessly add your citations into your writing without leaving the window, allowing you to maintain your focus. We asked our users, you agreed, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

RefME for Word is an add-in that allows you to cite as you write and manage your bibliography from within Word 2016 for Windows, Word 2016 for Mac and Word for iOS (Word Online coming soon). Available in: US, UK, AUS & Worldwide.

And the best bit, all you have to do is add your inline citations and RefME will automatically generate your full formatted bibliography, on a new page, at the end of the document for you! Check out the video below to see RefME for Word in action:

Note: RefME for Word is not supported in Word 2013 or any previous versions – but, as a student, you can get an upgrade to the latest version of Office 365 for free, here.

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