Imagine If RefME and Librarians Teamed Up…

RefME Teams up with Librarians

Libraries in the digital age are facing the challenge of a never-ending deluge of content. More than ever, the librarian’s role as curator and gatekeeper of the world’s knowledge is crucial in helping users find the right information and sort the wheat from the chaff. But how do you keep on top of an exponentially growing content base and find what is relevant to your users and your institution?

“The answer is Citations” Tom Gardiner, CTO and Co-founder of RefME told librarians at ILI (The 2015 edition of the Internet Librarian International Conference that took place in London this week)

Tom Gardiner at Internet Librarian International

The reason why we love citations so much at RefME is that they’re the building blocks of research. They tell you who is reading what, provide insights into trends, and show how specific pieces of knowledge connect to each other.

Librarians are Gatekeepers of Knowledge

RefME has over a million users who generate a huge volume of citations every day. That data shows the continued importance of the librarian’s role in making those connections between the mountains of knowledge available, the user, and the specific topic they are studying.

To help them do this, technology can play a key role, Tom Gardiner explained.

“By looking at citation data generated in RefME, we will be able to provide librarians and institutions with contextualised insights into exactly what content is being used where. That will allow them not only to make better decisions about how to allocate resources, but also help students find the information most relevant to them. Librarians are already superheroes as far as we’re concerned, but what we want is for our technology to be their superpower.”

Google Librarian

Are you a librarian? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what data you think would be useful in making better decisions for your users. We want to build the best tools for teachers, students and institutions, and your feedback is vital in helping us to do that! Leave a comment below or tweet us @getrefme


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