Hello Evernote + Website Referencing

2.0.7 is your first update in 2014 you say? Evernote and Website references you say? Yup… ReferenceME is now integrated with Evernote, making the entire research process organised and really really smart. Create your references and then just save them to Evernote, it’s as simple as Ref-rence-ME.


We have also created the ability to reference websites through the app just by entering in website URL’s. pretty neat we think, although not nearly as neat as the top secret platform which you can sign up to test here.

The backend is where we at ReferenceME have been working hard* for the last couple of months and there will be some really exciting updates to come in the very near future, but for now we must leave you all to enjoy the website and Evernote feature!

* safe to say this accounts only for the technical side.

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