Our Do’s and Don’ts at University

The new term is nearly with us… Here’s our quick do’s and don’ts


Do – Remember your tickets for freshers

Don’t – Forget your ID

Do – Be nice to your new neighbours

Don’t – Piss people off in your first week… you’ve got to live with them for a year.


Photo: Princeton University, Office of Communications

Do – get a door matt to welcome your new friends to your room

Don’t – keep you door closed

Do – Join every society you can to get as much free stuff as you can

Don’t – Sleep through freshers fair… Domino’s normally hand out free pizza if you are hanging from the night before

Do – Stay healthy, sleep and eat.

Don’t – Live like a slob so that you get ill and miss out on all the fun.

Don’t – Spend your student loan in one week

Do – Be prudent with your money, make it last till Christmas.

Don’t – Make a fool of yourself that will be remember all year round.

Do – Have a cool party trick that you will be know for


Photo courtesy of the University of Cincinnati.

Do – Make friends, add people on social networks

Don’t – Be weird online and annoying. You’ve just met these people.

Do – Be who you are.

Don’t – Reinvent yourself because no-one knows you.

Don’t – Sleep with a flatmate in week one. It will be awkward…

Do – Have fun.


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