10 Apps for going back to Uni

We have made a list of apps for those getting ready to go back to university. No these apps will not cure hang overs (although, someone should make that app) but they will help you out for the year.

Check them out, download ‘em and let us know what you think and if you know of any great ones we have missed out, then be sure to tell us.

ReferenceME – you will be referencing even more this year. Make sure you have it to save you time and marks with your references.


1. Evernote

Looking for the perfect note taker which is mobile and desktop? Evernote is perfect for this. Make notes in class and then view on your computer.

image image2. Any.do

Your schedule can get busy between work, studying and socialising. Use Any.do to plan your tasks for the day. There is a great chrome plugin for your browser to stay on task everywhere.

image image3. Notability

Do you like doodling in class? Notability allows you to draw as well as make notes. So when that lecture gets really boring, make some epic doodles.

image image4. Pocket

There are so many great articles around the web that you want to read but forget to bookmark. Pocket is a great tool for storing them and reading on any device.

image image5. Mindnode

Projects can get confusing and sometimes mind maps are the perfect tool for making it simple and clear. Mindnode is a great app to make simple mind maps.


6. Keynote

Every year at some point you will have to make some sort of presentation. Make sure you have Keynote on your device to make that last minute presentation.


7. Pages

Essays! We all love them… when you write your essays use Pages. The essay is stored on iCloud so you can access it anywhere and write sitting in the pub or club.

image image8. Khan Academy

Looking more information about a topic you are studying or just want to learn something new? Khan Academy has hundreds of videos to help you!

image image9. iTunesU

Similar to Khan Academy, iTunesU has hundred of courses from across the world. Choose courses from some of the best universities in the world.

image image10. Tinder

Tinder is a great way to meet new people around campus. We don’t need to say much more…



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